No job too small.

Every Step.

We have you covered.


Have an idea?  A base formula you want to expand on?

Whether you walk in the door with a manufacturing protocol and formula, or a notebook with a few ideas about what you want your final product to possess. Our team of chemist and professionals can take you through what can be achieved with your information and layout step by step how to best execute to bring your product to its first and last steps towards store shelfs and market places.


From a two-ingredient dilution to a complex reaction process, Emerald 66 has the knowledge and expertise to produce it economically and efficiently. However, that alone is not enough.

Emerald 66’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control protocols ensure a high level of precision and repeatability.  Our years of chemical manufacturing experience will ensure a predictably high-quality final product that keeps consumers coming back for your products.

Fill & Cap

We have you covered. Five lines capable of handling anywhere from 2oz bullet bottles all the way to gallon/ F style. Automated filling up to 1 million per week or more 32 ounce, 16 ounce and similar size bottles. Capping or sealing your product is handled in our automated cappers with heat indiction capabilities.


Packaging and labeling is the first impression a customer experiences as they browse a store display or scroll and swipe through an online store.  Emerald 66 has the necessary resources to design logos and labels.  We have high speed inline labelling for multiple size containers.

Our design philosophy:

  • Use simple, high-quality graphics to communicate.

  • Keep it clean and streamline

  • Put our clients message at the forefront

  • Think environmentally-friendly, second life, label and packaging options.

Package & Ship

Combining what looks great for your product, with what bottle types, closure types, and label materials are accessible, sustainable, and economically efficient, our customers will instantly have a leg up on the market.  With automated case packaging and sealing, and box erecting/folding and taping, we’ll have your product ready for delivery.  Did we mention that we are only 25 mins from an Amazon warehouse?

Contact Us!

Let us know how we can help, and one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours.

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